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From members/graduate students : Dream Experts

"I am still amazed — probably always will be— with how much I have learned and how much dreams have been trying to tell me. I just didn’t know!"

"Before it was fun to just think about how “weird” dreams were, but now we know that those weird things were symbols for our personal interpretation! What wonderful insight we are all gaining from PMID!"

"I feel that I have gained tremendous insight into relationship issues and have gotten much better at connecting my dreams to waking situations and relationships."

"I can see the effects in my thoughts and feelings about my relationships just from being able to use my dreams as a guide, or to answer questions about my waking relationships."

"Using the PMID Method is helping me to better understand what is going on in the relationship with my child. I am learning what the issues could be, how to work through them, and what my role is in the problem-and in the possible solutions."

"So often, the emotions in my dreams were more intense versions of those in my waking life. This ability to not blunt my emotional reactions was very liberating."

"(The more I worked with my dreams), I feel like I got much better at really looking at emotions and felt more comfortable connecting dream emotions to waking emotions about relationships."

"This has been a wonderful learning experience for me. I am so elated to finally understand and be able to symbolize what my dreams are trying to teach me."

"PMID has helped me to take my dreams, which when I used to try to find literal meanings made little sense, to now understand the symbolism plus solutions that they contain."

"Although I might have tried to make sense of dreams before this class, I never would have gained the insights I have from actually putting them (the dreams) on paper and then linking previous events to the dream. I have actually made some pretty amazing discoveries that have changed my view about something that had been bothering me for a long time. I did find an answer in my dream. This stuff really works!"

"Not only do I remember my dreams more, but also I am constantly looking at what it is the dreams are saying. By interpreting my dreams through PMID I have a new understanding of myself, which now allows me to move on to relationship issues."

"This has opened many new doors for me. The PMID method is something I would love to help with and work with in my future."

"The more I play with the PMID method, the more connections I am making to issues and relationships in my life. The first step of connecting to pre-dream events has helped me see how my dream life picks up threads from the day before to make a tapestry in my dream. Then, continuing to tease out symbols and their possible meanings has opened up new insights. Finally, just asking the question “How might this be connected – what direction might it indicate?” allows me to raise as many possibilities as I can which I can reflect upon in my waking life."

"The dreams (repeats) seemed the same to me although now that I know more about the PMID I wonder if I missed small changes/details due to thinking, “Oh I had that dream again.”

"I have found the symbol [dream phrase] area to be the most helpful and revealing in my personal interpretation process. Since I have begun working on revising my interpretations, I was amazed at the differences in interpretation of symbols [dream phrases] I had after time and reflection. Although on the surface, the definitions I first indicated seemed logical to me, there were also new insights to my symbolic meanings as well as recognition of additional symbols not previously identified."

"I have found that my dreams are bringing up ways of interacting that are so much a part of my personality at this point and so much engrained in my person that I have never really questioned the influence that we all have on each other as a system. The dreams are having me analyze ways of interacting that I probably would not have really even thought about because, especially within a system, interactions become so much of a habit, I think. So it has been neat to see how dreams, at least for me …are about me within different systems."

"I am grateful that my dreaming mind can show me something that needs to be dealt with without actually having to “relive” it all again and again and again. I am finding that the subject matter really does affect other relationships in my life, even though I didn’t/don’t realize it!"

"Within the symbol [dream phrase] directory, there are patterns that become evident….. I think the symbols [dream phrases] can give a very good look into where the (dreamer) is and solutions they have chosen as possible solutions to their waking problems. The list is a very useful tool to get to know how the (dreamer) views his or her world and the words/symbols he/she chooses to describe his/her life."

"Until this course, I hadn’t intentionally linked immediate pre-dream events to the dream. Now I am astounded at the close link and fascinated how my dream-life weaves so many pieces of the immediate pre-dream life – like a bird that picks up little bits of thread here and there to make a nest in which new life comes into being. Cool!"

"I am beginning to finally see a pattern here when relating dreams to current events past and present. It just amazes me how the dreams can be used to solve problems and see an event or situation in a different light. Of course, to get the dream down on paper, is the key. I need to see the dream to be able to understand the relationship."

"Since I have started with all of the PMID steps, I am finding that the dream may be connected to possibly a solution that if just thinking about it, I would never have connected."

"The PMID method becomes another “funneling” method to assist counseling clients in the “right” direction."

"If I had ONLY known then what I know now..."

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From Experts

“The PMID method (used on for unfolding the enfolded meaning of the dream is a beautiful fusion of ancient dreamwork styles with the new, personalized methods that appreciate the unique inner-landscape of the person and their familial dynamics. The method is an effective tool in understanding emotional health issues connected with familial dynamics.”

Edward Bruce Bynum, Ph.D.
Director of Behavioral Medicine
University of Massachusetts Health Services, Amherst
Author, Families and the Interpretation of Dreams

"You are right that it [YourGuidingDreams' approach] is very consistent with my article, 'Making Connections in a Safe Place: Is Dreaming Psychotherapy?' In fact, you seem to have done a brilliant job of using your dreams as psychotherapy and being your own therapist through the use of your dreams. …"

Excerpt of letter from Ernest Hartmann
World-renowned authority on sleep and dreaming

"I believe the PMID [Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams] approach offered through YourGuidingDreams is a psychologically sound one with regard to dream dynamics and is one that can be taught to others fairly easily. Through use of this approach, a dreamer could be guided to understand better the complex patterns of emotions and attitudes that become interwoven between significant individuals being dealt with by the dreamer in the realm of their interpersonal relationships."

Robert L. Van de Castle, Ph. D.
Author, Our Dreaming Mind
former President of the Association for the Study of Dreams

"In my opinion, this method is especially helpful in identifying, clarifying, and resolving relationship problems. During our waking hours, we often feel frustrated that our rational attempts to solve life challenges are unsuccessful. It is then that our dreams often provide innovative and unexpected answers."

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
Author of 400 articles and books in
Dream Psychology including Dream Telepathy


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